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"Seeking the Child"

During the Christmas season, my mind and heart is always reminded of the child....the Christ Child, and the depth of the prophetic attributes found in His first coming.  It's true that we live in the "last days", though some would argue the point.....but if we were in the last days 2000 years ago, according to the Apostle's teaching, then I suppose we're WELL into them think?  However, it would do us all good to go back and meditate upon the first advent of Christ, and seek  that "Child" again.

There are obvious things to consider in the typology of the event, such as Christ coming in complete and utter humility......He left His Home in Glory and His Heavenly Majesty, in order that we would learn that God Himself was willing to come to our state of being, albeit apart from sin, to show that He understands and relates to all our sufferings on Earth, and to our temptations.  He had nowhere to lay His head, and did not know the creature comforts of our day that we take so for granted.  In humility He came, and in humiliation He departed.  We are called to serve Him now, not being greater than our Master, and to endure the same sufferings that He has if need be, in order that the Gospel is preached and His sheep are provided for.  He wants US to be clothed with His humility, even when we ourselves are humiliated in the process.

As if that thought isn't burdensome enough, He also expects us to rely upon Him for everything, and that He would be our literal "All in all".  Too often we find comfort in ourselves and confidence in our abilities, yet Christ has told us that we can do NOTHING without Him....that HE gives us the power to obtain wealth, and that He has bestowed gifts and blessings for the edification of His Body.....not only for ourselves. As the children of the world, we tend toward what's best for US (exactly like we did when we were tiny children....the self-nature).....However, when we become HIS children, born of His Spirit, we should tend toward those things that are best for the BODY, not just ourselves.  This is what He did at His first advent........Can you imagine?  God Himself, in the Person of Jesus Christ, coming to the Earth and being subject to the flesh and it's discomforts, trials and troubles......and all because He put US FIRST.  We can learn a lot from this Child.  Being alive in the flesh in this world, He was totally dependent upon His Father and what His Father said....and thank God He was, for this is the only way He could become the "Spotless Lamb of God" who overcame sin on our behalf.

Lastly, I'm reminded of what Jesus said to the disciples who wanted to rebuke the little children who flocked to Jesus in the courtyards. He simply said, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me...", and added that unless we become " little children", we would not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  To make this very simple, let me ask you this.... Have you seen a little child cling to their father or Mother, asking repeatedly for a blessing or provision?  I'm not talking about an obvious brat who throws a temper tantrum, rather a humble child who clings to the bosom of their parent, asking quietly for what they need?  They have a tendency to melt the heart of the parent after a while, and most certainly make the parents feel loved and needed to say the least.  It's a wonderful feeling to have your own little one curl up on your lap in TOTAL dependence upon you, and trust in you that they will receive what they NEED and what they DESIRE from you.  Sometimes it's not in their best interest, and sometimes it is....but the needs are always met, and the child literally grows to depend upon that God-Like nature.                

Do you depend upon your Heavenly father?   Did you realize that He has a heart of Love for you, and that he LONGS for you to just curl up at His bosom and melt in His arms?  Did you know that He LOVES to hear you ask Him for provision and for help, and that He will always act in your best interest, regardless of your understanding at the time?

THINK on these things.  BECOME a little child in your heart once again.  FIND that quiet time with the Lord, and spend time just talking to Him and asking of Him.  This is the greatest exercise of FAITH that there is.......when it is only you and the Father, and His loving arms around you.......I urge you, come to Him as a little child once again...or perhaps for the very first time in your life......You'll never be the same again.  Prayer won't be a burden to you anymore.  Worship will begin to flow from your heart, and thanksgiving will rise up upon your lips.  You'll find Church becomes a JOY rather than a "special event" or obligation........Just lay your head down upon Him and listen to the very heartbeat of the Lord.   And remember, little children, that Godliness with contentment, is GREAT gain.

Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus' Name we ask you to pour out your Kindness upon OUR hearts as we confess our sins unto you, and pour out your Kindness upon our nation, to lead it to repentance for it's many sins.  FORGIVE us as we cry out to you Lord, and LEAD our nation into a time of prosperity both materially and spiritually, that we may stand in the day of battle, spread your Gospel around the world, and defend your people Israel in these last times.  Be Merciful, and lead us unto true repentance, that our hearts may be revived and our spirits awakened......  Amen.

In His Love ....  Doc Marino   /  "Draw near unto Me, and I will draw near unto You...."  Jesus Christ